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A production of Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth Mississippi. Susan G. Komen is the world’s largest breast cancer organization, funding more breast cancer research than any other nonprofit while providing real-time help to those facing the disease. Komen was founded by Nancy G. Brinker, who promised her sister, Susan G. Komen, that she would end the disease that claimed Suzy’s life. Komen Memphis-MidSouth Mississippi is working to better the lives of those facing breast cancer in the local community. Through events like the Race for the Cure®, Komen Memphis-Midsouth Mississippi has raised and invested almost $14 million in community breast health programs in West Tennessee and the state of Mississippi and contributed over $3.8 million to research. For more information, call 901.757.8686 or visit

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    'Cancer … You Can Not Have Me!' with Danyell Williams

    Join Catherine Young, Sr. Vice President of the Susan G. Komen Memphis-MidSouth Mississippi affiliate, Molly May, breast cancer survivor and author of My Crowning Achievement, and featured guest, Danyell Williams, as she tells her heart-wrenching story of cancer diagnosis, loss, courage, faith, and the comfort received from the beautiful, encouraging eyes of her baby daughter, Sadie.

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    Meeting Patients at The Bedside, featuring Surgical Pathologist Dr. Timothy Allen

    Throughout this Pink Podcast, Dr. Timothy Allen, Chair of Pathology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS, talks about the importance of having one’s pathologist talk directly with the patient to review and explain the pathologic findings. Dr. Allen describes his role as a pathologist as “your physician who diagnoses your disease and who makes sure lab testing for diseases is done accurately and safely.”

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    Donna Ladd “Just Does It:” Navigating Through Breast Cancer

    Join Catherine Young, Sr. Vice President of the Susan G. Komen Memphis MidSouth, Mississippi affiliate, and Molly May, author, activist, breast cancer survivor and former Miss Mississippi State University, in this informative and provocative conversation with journalist Donna Ladd.

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    Who I Am is More Than Enough: My Breasts Are Simply an Accessory, featuring Molly May

    Hosted by Catherine Young, Sr. Vice President of Susan G. Komen Memphis Midsouth Mississippi, and Molly May, author and breast cancer survivor

    Molly May, our co-host for our Pink Podcast series, is not your typical "beauty queen.” Molly, at age 19, is the youngest individual in Mississippi to undergo a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Molly’s mom is also a breast cancer survivor.

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    A Cure for Breast Cancer: Clinical Trials Vital to Health of Future Generations with special guest Dr. Shou-Ching Tang

    This Pink Podcast features Dr. Shou-Ching Tang, Associate Director of Clinical and Translational Research at the University of Mississippi Cancer Center Institute in Jackson, MS. Dr. Tang is internationally known for his breast cancer research. Dr. Tang talks about the misconceptions and benefits of participating in clinical trials, and discusses actual cures for breast cancer.

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    Strength & Support with Cora Beth and Meade Hartfield of "Team Sherry"

    In this Pink Podcast episode, Cora Beth and Meade Hartfield share the heart-warming story of their mother Sherry's love, her courage, support from her friends, and her deep faith in Jesus Christ. To the amazement, wonder and gratitude of her daughters, friends, and doctors, Sherry defied the odds and lived five and a half years beyond what was expected. Sherry's daughters remember her today as "Team Sherry" in the Metro Jackson Race for the Cure, coming up April 13, 2019 in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.

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    A Great American Beauty’s Mastectomy, Allyn Rose, 2011’s Miss Maryland USA

    Allyn Rose is an American beauty pageant titleholder, professional speaker, and breast cancer advocate for more than 300 million women worldwide. In this PINK PODCAST episode, Allyn talks about losing her mother to breast cancer at the age of 16 and the difficulty she experienced resulting from this tragic loss. Allyn has since partnered with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the Tigerlilly Foundation, educating women in cancer prevention.

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